always choosing Damon


what if you woke up christmas morning and your favorite character or celebrity was just casually sitting by the christmas tree with a bow on their head and was just like “oh good you’re finally awake”

I seriously need some shirtless Jax Teller this season. 

preferably in good lighting. and with Tara. 

Conscience doth make cowards of us all.
Conscience doth make cowards of us all.

#and in that moment opie realizes he does love something and it’s jax #when he smiles it’s like he’s trying to tell jax ‘it’s alright. i’m okay with this’

Everyone has got to stop raggin on my bby Charlie Hunnams hair. 

He is growing it back out, and that takes time. Everyone complained that he cut it off and that they didnt like it short like in S4. and now he is trying to grow it back out to the perfectness that it was, everyone is complaining about how it looks, he is trying people! Growing hair takes time!! Be happy he even decided to grow it back out! MMmmmmMMm.  he even said that he prefers it short but he has taken the time to grow it out, and will keep it back the way it was for a long time before he cuts it again. So please. just leave my bby alone. NOTHING could make him less gorgeous. 

The Hottest Back On T.V.

24 Days Until Sons Of Anarchy Season 5.  

31 Days Until Sons Of Anarchy Season 5. 


I had the best time EVER at the Iowa Grand Ralley!  Here’s some of my favorite photos.