always choosing Damon

His Majesty King Henry VIII - feeling much much better.

His Majesty King Henry VIII - after hot forest sex.

crying because. 

The Tudors is over.

and Catherine of Aragon came back to see Princess Mary.

and Anne Boleyn came back to see Princess Elizabeth.

and Jane Seymour came back to see Prince Edward.

and the king “saw” them all.

and when Jane came to him he froze and said her name with a sigh of his breath.

and you could tell he loved her so.

and he tried to stop Anne from leaving after saying such things.

and Charles Duke of Suffolk died.

and his wife came and the woman he loved had to leave.

and the king sent away Catherine Parr, Elizabeth and Mary so they didn’t see him die.

and then he died.

and he died without his family.

and it showed flashbacks.

and screw this show for making me cry so much over history.

it sucks when I watch something based on History.  

because I cant be mad at the “writers” for how things turned out. I cant be mad at them for someone dying. or the sad things that happen. I just cry because I know this is how it was. and it sucks.