always choosing Damon

Should I be tagging the Delena Sex scenes as NSFW? 

Damon Salvatore (for my good friend Mary)


4 Gifs of Delena quotes.

(requested by s0merhalder)

and its peaceful in the deep, cathedral where you can not breathe.

Maybe I’m better off dead..

I’m more pissed that they ruined a Delena porch scene with Stefan. 

what if like.. what if

Damon is like leaving cause he and Stefan get into a fight and Elena is mad at him and like she stops him on the bridge and tells him not to leave and he is like

"Why Elena. Stefan hates me, your mad at me." and she cuts him off and says

Yea, I’m mad at you because I love you.”   and they are both kind of stunned that she said it and then its all asdkjhaslkjhdasljkdhaslkjhd