always choosing Damon


Jason Morgan x Sam McCall

- MC Hostage Crisis


You make me feel safe.

Felix, whatever you do — please don’t tell Patrick where I’ve been.

"Wow, um, you uh look, you look amazing."

Run to me.What?
Just run into my arms like you did that night. Just run to me.

This is where you were shot. In your lower back and it went through your abdomen. If I had been holding you three inches lower, the bullet would have hit you here. And it would have severed your spine. Gone through your heart, and you would have died in my arms that night. 

welp. I am pretty sure that AJ is the one coming back. from how many times he has been brought up in todays episode. and if gh thinks that makes it ok for how they handled Jason’s out, they are wrong. Taking Jason away and giving AJ back is so not ok.

While Sam is my bby, and I feel the worst for her in this whole ordeal. god. Sonny and Carly and Monica and Michael and Spinelli are going to be devastated. The way Sonny just jumped in the water. I cant right now. I have no feelings. they are all being torn out.

I can’t believe one of my OTP’s both halfs are dead. And now the OTP I have been raised with, the one that stole my complete heart, the ones who have been through so much shit and always came back, always there for each other even when they can’t stand each other, the ones who are more perfect for each other than any two people in the entire world. One half is now dead. And I can not get over it. Espicially the way he was killed. I get that Steve Burton wanted to leave, but the fact the writers just brought them back together for two days, two freakin days, when he said he would stay a few weeks more to film and give a proper ending, is sad. 9 freaking years. 9 years of everything they have been through. 9 years of Sam being the ONLY woman who completely accepted Jason. 9 years of 3 beautiful proposals and 1 amazingly perfect wedding. Gunshots, viruses, near deaths, running from the cops. 9 years of 3 babies together, Lila-Hope-Daniel, one beautiful baby girl dying, R.I.P. Baby girl Lila, one beautiful baby girl being given to them and then taken away, and one handsome little boy who looks just like his father, thinking they had lost him only to have the miracle of him being alive. And then there was baby Jake who tore them apart for a while because he was Jason’s child with Elizabeht and they even STILL found their way back to each other. There was Elizabeth, who at every chance she got ran to Jason always trying to come in between them, and Jason always choosing Sam. There was Courtney, the only other woman Jason ever married, who at the beginning was always there, and while we all know Jason still loved her, his feelings for Sam, for his true love, his soulmate, those feelings were stronger than anything he had ever felt, and when Courtney came back and told him that she wanted him back, he chose Sam. And there was Lucky, who Sam leaned on when Liz was in the picture, and at first Sam was using him to hurt Jason for hurting her, and then Lucky became someone we all kind of loved a little, he was great to Sam and even she began to fall for him, but in the end, he wasn’t Jason, and in the end, Sam and Jason were drawn back to each other again, back to the ones they were destined to be with. Let us not forget John, who came out of nowhere and was there for Sam, a complete stranger, but was there for her when she needed someone, and became her friend, and then there was a kiss, which led Jason and Elizabeth to a kiss, and Jason being extremely jealous. and yet here they are, back together, for those two small days, those two Amazing perfect days. And after all of that, this is all we get? I as a loyal watcher, and a very loyal JaSam fan feel very cheated at this. I mean, Jason (nor Sam) doesn’t even know that Daniel Edward is his son. And as I am sure we all know, he will be given Morgan for a last name, its not enough. Yes Jason loved him as his own son, and died loving him reguardless, but we have waited for close to a year for him to know that he was the father. That he had a son, the son he had always wanted, he was not able to be a father to Jake, and we all know how much that pained him, and then he lost him and the chance to ever be his father, because of Elizabeth and because he died, and now he finally had a son, a child of his own to be the amazing father we all know that he is, that he can be, that he deserves to be, and deserves to atleast know, and its taken away from him. Taken away from Sam. The thing she has wanted the most for the past 8 years is to have Jason’s child, and to raise that child with him, and now that is taken away from her too. To not be able to know that the sick thing Franco did to her did not make him the father of her child, that the man she had always wanted to be the father of her children was actuallly the father of their child. And she can never experience that with him. Because he is gone. And they will never be able to experience that joy together. And that is not fair. To Sam, to Jason, to Danny, or to us. The fact that Sam will find out is not enough. Yes, it will be about damn time when she does, but its not enough. And its just not right. 9 years of the most amazing journey for it to end with 2 perfect days and that’s all we get. How is that right?

—- end of my rant for now. Just had to get that out. I am not happy at all.