always choosing Damon

So not only does Joseph Morgan know how much we love Klaroline, he knows how much we love Klefan. 

remember that tweet about working with someone special in 4x04? He was so talking about Paul. 

Jomo ships Klaroline and Klefan.


Joseph Morgan - Facial Hair Appreciation.


AU:Caroline is in an open relationship with both Stefan and Klaus. Caroline isn’t ready to settle down, she wants to let loose and have fun and both boys know this. However after copious amount of string-less fun, Klaus is ready to put a stop to it. He doesn’t want to share anymore. He wants her and only her.  TBC…

Joseph talking about Stefan and the betrayal of when he was “mummified” 


Ian referring to Klaus as Pepe Lepue and how he just wants to be loved, but he smells so bad. and Joseph saying a metaphorical smell by the way. Then Ian proceeds to smell him. 


I wonder why Joseph Morgan hates being called JoMo.