always choosing Damon

This person is still Pissed that Lucas called Peyton “Pretty Girl” 

Millie: I’m standing here today on a small piece of history in Tree Hill. No costumes, no catchphrases…just a story about a local landmark that is soon to be erased, developed into condominiums unless something changes. The landmark is called the Rivercourt, and for those who loved it, its absence will be heartbreaking. For more on this story, here’s someone who learned his craft here…my colleague, Marvin McFadden.

spell your name with fictional characters 

Nathan Scott

Anastasia Steel

Opie Winston

Matt Donovan



Brucas Flawlessness

↳ 3x13 “The Wind That Blew My Heart Away”

The difference is I love you Brooke. I wanna be with you, not Peyton.

“But why? I need to know why!”


Brucas Flawlessness

↳ 3x01 “Like You Like an Arsonist”

This is gonna work, right?


Brucas Flawlessness

↳ 3x05 “A Multitude of Casualties”

What I wanted? I wanted you to fight for me!

Favorite quote for each of your each of your otps.

Oh jesus are you ready for this? I don’t have just one quote. But you can pick which one you like the best.. cause they are all just akdhasjkdhas.

Jason/Sam - General Hospital 

Jason - You wanna know if I loved you. When you were pregnant I wanted to be a father to your child and after the baby died I asked you to stay with me. When you were in the hospital I was by your side willing you to live because you mean everything to me. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you and I never will.

Jason - When I sleep, you know, there’s moments when I wake up and I… I still reach for you. And I remember why you’re not with me and everything comes flooding back to me. And I gotta move, I gotta get up, I gotta go to work, I gotta do everything I can to make myself stop thinking of you. You like to think I don’t miss you. I miss you… all the time.

Sam - Sonny needed you and you chose to look for me. 
Jason - It wasn’t a choice, it was necessary like breathing. 

Sam - I just figured it out. (what) Why I sleep so much better at your apartment, you make me feel safe.

Sam - I will love you for the rest of my life, Jason, if I die tomorrow or if I live to be a hundred. Even if I never see your face again.

Jason - I want you with me even if it means I have everything to lose.

Sam - I had no idea what love was, how it felt, what it meant; until you showed me.

Sam - I’ve waited my whole life for you.

Damon/Elena - Vampire Diaries

Damon - I will always choose you.

Elena - I like you now, just the way you are. 

Damon - I love you elena, and it is because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you. And why you can’t know this, I don’t deserve you, but my brother does. God I wish you didn’t have to forget this,  but you do.

Elena - Damon got under my skin, and no matter what I do I can’t shake him. 

Damon - I Promise I will never leave you again.

Andy - Love Does That Damon.

Jude/Tommy - Instant Star

Jude - You all say the nicest things. “You’re so great, you’re so nice,” but none of you want to date me. So you wanna help me, Tommy? Tell me what I do wrong. Tell me why I’m so easy to give up, and then maybe I can fix it. Tommy - You’re asking the wrong guy. (then he kisses her)

Tommy - Look, that’s not even what this is about. Kwest, man, you think I’m okay with this? Huh? That the coolest chick I know, the girl that gets me the most, is sixteen? Give me a break, man. She’s out of bounds and I’m not that guy. 

Jude - I know you care, Tommy. You save a look just for me. 

Tommy - I’ve waited a long time for you Jude, exactly as you are is what I want. 

Tommy - I want all of you, with me forever.

Brooke/Lucas - One Tree Hill

Lucas - I’m the guy for you. I know we’re just part-time, that’s cool. You know, do whatever, have your fun. But one of these nights you’re gonna realize it. 

Lucas -  You kink your eyebrows when you’re trying to be cute. Because you quote K-moo even though I’ve actually never seen you read. Because you miss your parents, but you never admit that! And because I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches, and they’ve both been with you. And because we’re both gonna get pneumonia, but if you, need to hear why I love you, I can go on all night.

Rachel - You say Brooke’s the one. Your soul mate. Well if that’s the case. Call upon destiny, or providence, or whatever forces are going to bring you two together. And make the shot, blindfolded. 
Lucas - This is ridiculous.
Rachel - Come on, its your destiny. You can’t miss. Brooke’s the one, make the shot.
- Lucas makes the shot. nothing but net.  

Rachel -Do you really think there’s one person in this entire planet that’s right for you?
Lucas - I do. 
Rachel - OK, what about Peyton? I heard you once had the same feelings for her? Maybe we’re still in high school, and you haven’t men ‘the one’.
Lucas - But, I have, it’s Brooke. 

Peyton - Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know it’s the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you?
Lucas - Brooke.

Brooke - Lucas is the one for me.

Jax/Tara - Sons Of Anarchy

Jax -  You wanna know how many women I’ve slept with over the last ten years? Hhundreds! maybe more, I don’t know. I barely see their faces. I married Wendy because I was lonely. Because I got tired of the endless disconnect. It was just a sad timeout. Because when I’m inside someone, there’s only one face I see.

Tara -  We don’t know who are ‘til we’re connected to someone else. We’re just better human beings when we’re with the person we’re suppossed to be with.

Jax - When you came home, it was like some kind of sign to me, like my past coming around giving me another shot to do this different, better.

Gemma - Jax and Tara have loved each other since they were sixteen. She’s gettin under his skin. I can feel it. He loved her, probably still does. 

Jax - I love you, Tara. I’ve loved you since I was 16. You stayed when anyone else would’ve bailed. You’ve given me a beautiful son… taken Abel on as your own. We should get married. 


I also love, Mark/Lexie - Denny/Izzie (Greys Anatomy) Stiles/Derek (Teen Wolf), Aria/Ezra - Caleb/Hannah - Toby/Spencer (Pll), Snow/Charming (OUAT), Chuck/Blair - Dan/Serena (Gossip Girl), Finn/Rachel (Glee), Brian/Justin (Queer as Folk)


These are my OTPs above all OTPs. and like I said. I can not just choose one quote. its just not possible. 

thanks for the question. I loved answering this one! 

Is it possible to have a season finale that I dont cry over?!