always choosing Damon

Paul and his nephew - Henry.

So not only does Joseph Morgan know how much we love Klaroline, he knows how much we love Klefan. 

remember that tweet about working with someone special in 4x04? He was so talking about Paul. 

Jomo ships Klaroline and Klefan.


“What is The Vampire Diaries?”  (by courtesy of vid)
Part 2 

watching this hallmark movie just for Paul Wesley. and now just crying.  

and I love Amber Tamblyn. and shes sick. and its sad. and Paul Wesley is like perfect guy 101 in this movie. 

BTS pictures of TVD season3 in TV Guide Magazine Comic-Con Special 2012 (x)

I’m so excited I get to order my Vampire Diaries convention tickets this week for Chicago 2013! 


Season 4 Elena/Stefan/Damon AU


"take your brother as a sign of good faith"